Mixed use architecture

The project will be comprised of two residential buildings that are being built in Banishora residential area. A combination of a modern vision with excellent features and guaranteed uncompromising quality of execution.

Sofia, Banishora Residential area

Built-up area:
14 852 m2

1771 m2

Architects :

Arh. Studio 7 Ltd.

Construction company:

Kalistratov Group AD

Project start:

April, 2022

Year completion: 

August, 2024 (scheduled)

Partners: Exclusive brokers: KMV Property Management


Kitna Residence is our very first residential project. Situated in the heart of Sofia, in one of the older but graceously reviving districts – Banishora, the residential complex represents a modern city vision combined with exellent day-to-day features, and guaranteed quality of execution. The project consists of two buildings with a built-up area of nearly 15 000 sq.m. that shapes a total of 116 apartments, 2 underground levels of parking and a lovely, neat courtyard.

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