Hochstrasse 7 Project

Mixed use architecture

Uncover the hidden potential of the historic Hochstrasse, set to undergo a remarkable renovation, in the heart of Gelsenkirchen’s sought-after prime location.

Gelsenkirchen Buer, Germany

Built-up area:
4 912 m2

1 137 m2

Construction company:

Project start:

February 2022 (Certificate of purchase)

Year completion: 

September 2024 (planned)


Welcome to the charming Hochstrasse 7 in Gelsenkirchen, a prime location boasting a rich history! This remarkable listed building, once a bustling textile department store until the 2000s, is now going to experience an impressive renovation in accordance with the current monument protection regulations. Our project development aims to breathe new life into this property by implementing comprehensive renovations in terms of energy efficiency and cutting-edge technology, while also reviving the vacant space for leasing opportunities. 


The ground floor has already been transformed into a drugstore in 2017 – a successful conversion into a retail space. However, the 4 upper floors, are currently vacant and awaiting their transformation, presenting a blank canvas for exciting possibilities. In addition to the existing retail space on the ground floor, the first floor will be repurposed to accommodate up to three offices, providing a dynamic workplace environment. Furthermore, the second and third floors will be transformed into a prestigious accommodation facility. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Limehome GmbH, who will lease 36 luxurious apartments in the Long Stay Living area. Additionally, we have planned the construction of 11 residential units (approximately 25 sqm – 50 sqm) on the fourth floor.


Completion of this remarkable project is scheduled for September 2024, ensuring a timely return on investment and an exceptional addition to the thriving Gelsenkirchen landscape.


Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a prestigious venture that combines historic charm with modern innovation. Contact us today to discuss leasing options and secure your stake in this exciting development at Hochstr. 7.

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